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Innovative IV & IM Wellness therapies For An Active Nordic Lifestyle

In the city that has planned a ski slope on the central incineration plant, turned its harbour into a beach front with lap pools and diving platforms, and is known for its ground-breaking architecture and its complete transformation of fine dining with its New Nordic food revolution, needless to say: Life is active and dynamic!

Enter REVIV, the energy booster, glow inducer and pioneer in the rehydration field: wellness that is infused directly into your veins to restore your body’s natural equilibrium and energy levels. The perfect supplement and wellness aid for the active Nordic lifestyle.

Scientifically proven and with only trained medical staff to administer your IV therapies or IM booster shots, your wellness is in safe and effective hands when you choose to Replenish, Rehydrate and REVIV with us. Choose between five different IV therapies such as anti-ageing infusion Vitaglow – packed with the master-antioxidant Glutathione. Megaboost, a true wellness infusion packed with vitamins and nutrients. Ultraviv, a recovery infusion to assist with recovery from general illness or hangovers. Hydromax, a hydration infusion to alleviate dehydration from athletic activity or prolonged exposure to sun and heat. At the peak of the IV pyramid is Royal Flush, a deluxe combination of the recovery benefits of Ultraviv and the wellness benefits of Megaboost.

REVIV IM Booster Shots range from Vitamin B12 to Slimboost to Vitaboost.

The REVIV Nordic Flagship is housed within the newly opened Inviocare clinic in central Copenhagen. Entering the Copenhagen REVIV Flagship clinic is like entering a light, airy pause in time straight from the buzzy streets of the city center. Fresh and minimalistic, yet with a warm and inviting feel that makes you lean back and relax, the design of Inviocare’s REVIV oasis is quintessentially Scandinavian. Our therapy rooms offer both full discretion on request and the possibility of having a therapy with a friend.

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