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Lights, camera, REVIV. IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots on set in Los Angeles.

REVIV IV Infusion and Booster Shots are well suited for the Los Angeles lifestyle. Whether you’ve been out at Santa Monica beach all day, on set in Hollywood filming, out shopping on Rodeo Drive, out too late last night in Weho and woke up with a hangover, we have an IV drip to replenish and revitalize you.

Hydromax is our hydration infusion, perfect for athletes. Ultraviv, our recovery infusion is great for restoring you after a night out in Los Angeles. Megaboost is our world famous wellness infusion packed with vitamins & nutrients. Vitaglow is our Anti-Aging infusion containing the master anti-oxidant glutathione. Royal Flush is our deluxe infusion combining the recovery benefits of Ultraviv with the wellness effects of Megaboost. Have your agent call our agent.

Need boost of energy? We offer vitamin B12 booster shots. Need even more of a boost to be on point at the gym? Slimboost is our metabolic weight loss booster shot and CoQ10+ is our power fitness booster shot. We also offer Glutathione booster shots to promote & maintain your overall wellness.

REVIV is located in the heart of Beverly Hills’ world famous medical district at The Beverly Hills Triangle Medical Plaza, 9735 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #204.  There is parking in the building and 3 more parking lots within a block radius.

REVIV Los Angeles Prices



Hydromax Hydration $99
Megaboost Vitamin Wellness $179
Vitaglow Anti-Aging $199


Ultraviv Hangover $159
Royal Flush Deluxe $259

Add Glutathione Push To Any Infusion $79


Vitamin B12 Pure Energy $29
Glutathione Master Antioxidant $39
Slimboost Metabolic Weight Loss $49
CoQ10+ Power Fitness $49

Package pricing is available.  Please ask the REVIV receptionist for details.

No refunds on purchases. Services only redeemable at purchase location.

Kelsey Brown
Kelsey Brown
18:59 07 May 18
REVIV is awesome! My favorite thing to get here is the Megaboost. The staff is so friendly and make the process easy and virtually painless. I love getting the megaboost before I travel since I am always on the go. It helps me stay healthy, energized and hydrated. I'd recommend it to anyone.read more
Jose Zavala
Jose Zavala
14:31 27 Dec 17
Love this place! And Sveen always makes every visit unique. Excellent IV booster
cyrus hamzi
cyrus hamzi
08:54 30 Nov 17
Felt amazing after coachella weekend. Came back ever since. Love this place!
Leyla Braun
Leyla Braun
20:28 28 Nov 17
I take the slimboost shot regularly- I lost 10 pounds so far. Love this place!
Carla Martin
Carla Martin
20:20 27 Nov 17
I have been coming here for the last year and I can't stop. Love the quality of their vitamins-I always feel a difference. The only negative is the parking- it is pricey.
Chris Amaya
Chris Amaya
19:44 20 Nov 17
I have gone to many IV clinics around LA, this is the best one in terms of how it makes me feel. I can taste the vitamins as it's infusing and feel a difference shortly after. I staff is professional and so kind.read more
22:22 21 Apr 17
Great staff, very professional. Felt amazing after my royal flush!
Leah Chung
Leah Chung
15:44 13 Apr 17
I had horrible food poisoning and thought I was going to die! When it was all over I had a really bad headache and was extremely dehydrated. I came to REVIV and Sveen took great care of me, she is an absolute sweetheart. I felt much better by the end of the day and I will definitely be using REVIV services in the future.read more
L Marzette
L Marzette
19:05 19 Oct 16
I would recommend a Reviv IV to anyone who needs to restore their body quickly from their vigorous lifestyle. My first shot using slimboost kept me active and the Royal flush gave me a beautiful glow- I received many compliments few days after. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional! I feel comfortable anytime I go in!read more
Pravreet Nagra
Pravreet Nagra
21:08 10 Oct 16
I am extremely excited I found this place! One of my friends recently visited REVIV because she had been feeling sluggish and overall exhausted. At first I was skeptical about the whole process but hearing my friends positive experience encouraged me to find out for myself. As soon as I entered the suite I felt comfortable, the nurse was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. After the nurse explained the differences between the IVs I decided to go with the Royal flush. I went in not expecting much but came out feeling like a million bucks. I felt so hydrated and my skin even cleared up a few days later. I plan on coming in once a month now- I love Reviv!read more
Eddie Fernandez
Eddie Fernandez
22:03 06 Oct 16
I've been always skeptical about new health trends, especially living in Los Angeles where health and fitness has almost became a fad in our culture. Being associated in the Health and Fitness industry, I find myself looking into many tunnels to advance my own healthy lifestyle. When I first heard about Reviv, the first thing that came to mind was "Genius". Using a method we've been practicing for years and incorporating it into the lives of the general population. Not only is this method conventional, it works! As an Avid traveler, I know how easy it is to become sick from being stuck in the air for x amount of hours breathing in recycled air. Happens to me all the time. With that in mind, the staff at Reviv knew the exact thing to give me. They gave me a shot of glucosamine (a great antioxidant) right before my trip, and while my family members all ran fevers a few days after landing in Asia (where the food, air and water is nothing but foreign to our bodies), I was running great! The Staff was amazing and knew what they were talking about. Using true professionals in the field is a must! Esp when it comes to your health. Knowledge based practice and a group of individuals that places their clients at ease (kinda helps get over your fear of needles too). This is why I recommend them.read more
23:43 20 Sep 16
Finding REVIV in LA has been a blessing for me. I first came here because I found myself extremely dehydrated and under nourished and was in need of a quick fix in order to finish a deadline for work. Theres a lot of options for IV Therapy in LA and I've tried a few but I keep coming back to REVIV. The prices are reasonable and Sveen, the nurse that I've dealt with is extremely attentive and personable and just a pleasure to come in to. The whole experience is smooth and generally I can be in and out in 30-45 minutes. It's like getting a haircut. The personal benefits of IV therapy have been positive and noticeable. I find myself just feeling healthier and stronger. Unfortunately in the busy world today I don't think we get the nourishment we need and although I don't recommend this as a patch or supplement it definitely can help show you what getting the right nutrients in your body will do for you. Highly recommend this place if you're looking to try this out, its above and beyond better then the rest.read more
Loni Paige
Loni Paige
22:51 12 Sep 16
Reviv saved my trip! I live in Miami and when arriving to LA for a work/vacation I had a terrible cold with flu like symptoms. I have been to Reviv in Miami and Las Vegas for Hangovers but never for being sick. The team in the LA office was amazing. They were so helpful, asking me questions about all my symptoms and seeing what was the perfect IV for me. I could not even believe that I felt better with in 1 day! Thank you Reviv for saving my trip!read more
Claudia Kaupert
Claudia Kaupert
22:31 12 Sep 16
Reviv has saved me multiple times from food poisoning to hangovers to just needing an energy boost. From start to finish the process lasts about 30-45 minutes and you feel the effects instantly due to the various vitamins and antioxidants in the IV. The service is top notch with professional staff members and a spa-like ambiance making it a very relaxing experience.read more
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Throughout Select Los Angeles Neighborhoods And Beyond

Concierge service is available to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood, The Hollywood Hills, Century City, Brentwood, Bel Air, Hombly Hills and Santa Monica. Pre-booking at least a day prior is required. There is a $175 travel fee in addition to service price which is non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time. Concierge travel fee may also be variable for parties of 4 or more clients. Concierge appointments can be reserved by calling or via the booking form. Please call for concierge requests outside of the select neighborhoods listed above.

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