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Open 7 Days A Week
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REVIV Wellness in a New York minute.

In New York City, where time literally is money, REVIV provides a quick and efficient way to rehydrate and re-energize via IV Infusions and Vitamin Booster Shots.

REVIV IV Infusion therapies deliver hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants helping to optimize vital hydration balance and maximize your wellness & efficiency.

Energy Booster Shots B12, Slimboost, Glutathione, and CoQ10+ take only seconds to administer and their wellness benefits last for days.

REVIV New York City wellness therapies are performed by REVIV’s Certified Medical Staff who also travel to your location via concierge service so you can experience REVIV IV infusion therapies and Energy Booster Shots in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home, office, or hotel room.

In addition to concierge service, REVIV wellness therapies are offered 7 days a week, from 10 am to 7 pm, located at 1140 Broadway, Suite 804.  Walk-ins are welcome.

REVIV New York City – Virtual Tour

REVIV New York City Prices

Package pricing is available.  Please ask the REVIV receptionist for details.

Walk-ins welcome.

No refunds on purchases. Services only redeemable at purchase location.

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DeBorah Palmer
DeBorah Palmer
16:45 22 Jul 17
Clean office, friendly staff, exceptional customer service. They do not pressure you into more expensive treatments and respect the customer at all times. I will incorporate the Vitamin shots into my healthy living lifestyle more
Claudia Kaupert
Claudia Kaupert
18:52 17 Jul 17
I have been to multiple Reviv locations and always leave feeling refreshed and re-energzed, Reviv New York was no different. The location is amazing and the staff was very professional making me feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the whole process. I usually get the Megaboost which is their vitamin and antioxidant IV but decided to go all out and try the Royal Flush, definitely worth it!read more
Maria Miller
Maria Miller
18:35 25 May 17
Nice, fast, polite and helpful. Everything you wished for a business.
Patrick Heavey
Patrick Heavey
22:27 27 Apr 17
Kind, professional, and efficient staff in a pristinely clean environment. Highly recommended!
Georgette Paulycarpe
Georgette Paulycarpe
19:57 26 Feb 17
Having worked the night shift when I met Ramon and the Reviv Team, getting my b12 booster shots have literally saved me from the persistent fatigue and grogginess I was experiencing! The affects are long lasting- giving me increased energy and focus! Have recommended my other night shift colleagues because Reviv is that good! Will continue with my bi-weekly shots as I have been since the summer of 2016. Thanks Ramon!read more
NYC LawGirl
NYC LawGirl
14:09 22 Feb 17
This office is stunning, and I am always greeted by enthusiastic nurses at the front desk. I've done the Ultraviv a few times when I'm starting to feel sick and I really do feel a difference afterward in terms of feeling more refreshed and hydrated. Great atmosphere, good people, will come more
Melissa Rios
Melissa Rios
21:50 07 Feb 17
Been going to this site for over a year now. Clean office, friendly staff, exceptional service and skill by their nurses. Ramon remembers where to find my vein every time. Have made coming here a part of my monthly more
lina am
lina am
02:51 16 Nov 16
Ramon is the greatest IV administer. Though I would suggest they dim the florocent lights ,Their upgrade is remarkable!
r vann
r vann
15:10 03 Sep 16
I have blotchy skin and I was looking for a place that is very reasonable and didn’t want to pay to see an expensive doctor. I found REVIV a nice quaint office located on West 21st Street. The place is small and quaint with a smorgasbord of intravenous vitamins. The nurse gives you a list of intravenous vitamins, which you pick from while sitting comfortably on a couch watching cable TV. There are no pills to swallow, you just roll up your sleeve, the nurse finds a vein (she’s very good) and she inserts a needle with whatever Vitamins you need and it goes directly into your bloodstream. It’s quick, easy with little to no downtime. I picked the Glutathione Vitamin C injections. For the last three weeks I have been going to REVIV to receive the Glutathione and Vitamin C injections intravenously. I needed more energy and wanted to improve my skin and cleans my liver and kidneys. Glutathione is the master antioxidant. It fights aging, improve the health of your cells and improve the look of your skin and gets rid of free radicals in your body. It also prevents disease, increase your energy levels; helps you look and feel younger. I think of Glutathione as a total body health supplement that has skin health benefits, one of which being improved skin more
Ryan Oneglia
Ryan Oneglia
22:08 09 Aug 16
This review covers reviv as a hangover clinic. It's basically an IV bag from a qualified nurse. While there is no magic "cure" for a hangover, I can attest that this will help hydrate you in short order. For me, 4+ hours later it makes a huge difference in how I feel. I wouldn't get hung up about which IV you choose. It's the hydration that is key. This is an easy (though def not cheap) way to get it done if you have things to do in the evening. Reviv plus a nap will keep you more
Francesco Lascari
Francesco Lascari
17:06 29 Sep 15
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Throughout Manhattan

Concierge service is available throughout Manhattan 7 days a week. There is a $175 travel fee in addition to service price which is non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time. Concierge travel fee may also be variable for parties of 4 or more clients. Concierge appointments can be reserved by calling or via the booking form

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