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Concierge Service Only
$175 Fee In Addition To Therapy Price

8am to 8pm | 7 days a week

By Appointment Only


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REVIV and Quench Your Thirst in the Desert Oasis.

Having experienced overwhelming global success delivering concierge service or in room IV hydration therapy for wellness, REVIV is now offering a concierge only service to Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area.

REVIV will offer its full menu of signature IV vitamin therapy including B12 IVs and shots, hangover IVs, and Glutathione IV therapy to the Grand Canyon State. REVIV Phoenix/Scottsdale concierge service also serves locations outside of Scottsdale including The Greater Phoenix Area, Mesa and Glendale so anyone can enjoy REVIV IV therapies in the comfort of their own home, hotel, office or even outdoors. Simply book online or via phone and one of our highly trained and qualified nurses will arrive at your destination with your desired REVIV therapy.

IV therapy is the perfect compliment for those not accustomed to the dry weather and year round heat, dehydration can easily occur, resulting in fatigue and decreased liveliness. With events such as the Phoenix Open, Scottsdale Food and Wine Festival, and Major League Baseball spring training, there is simply too much fun to be had.

REVIV, the first global IV hydration clinic & med spa is now your oasis in the desert. Don’t waste your time in Phoenix or Scottsdale feeling run down. REVIV IV therapies reduce the time consuming recoveries from dehydration, hangovers, general illness, and exhaustion.

Don’t miss out on the excitement. Stay safe, stay hydrated: Replenish, Rehydrate, REVIV.


Concierge service is available for our IV therapies and Wellness Booster Shots throughout Scottsdale and The Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona.

There is a $175 travel fee in addition to our therapy prices which is non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time. Concierge travel fee may also be variable for parties of 4 or more clients. Concierge appointments can be reserved by calling or via the booking form. We service the Greater Phoenix Area, including Scottsdale, Mesa & Glendale. Please call for concierge requests outside of The Phoenix Metro Area.

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