In December 2014 REVIV London opened its flagship store in the upmarket and trendy area of Knightsbridge.

Located directly next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel our hidden medical spa offers exceptional privacy and comfort for clients. We offer all of REVIV’s signature Intravenous (IV) infusion therapies (vitamin drips and energy booster shots). We provide flexibility by offering therapies in our medical spa, at homes and in hotels through its concierge service as well as supporting and hosting private off-site events.

So who is running the show?

Leading our Knightsbridge wellness spa is the lovely, fun and friendly Beth Jones, Clinic Director, and our beautiful Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Shirin Lakhani. Working with them are a formidable team of highly-qualified medical professionals, including the flamboyant, quirky and cool Paul Weller lookalike, Gary Sanderson, who is a strong favourite amongst many of our clients. It’s all very well having a great product but the reason our clients keep returning to us and the reason why they don’t go back to other clinics where they used to receive similar therapies is because of the comfort and care they receive in our REVIV London clinic. We go out of our way to make sure the REVIV service is exceptional and that you are fully satisfied with your IV therapies and energy booster shots.

So what’s all the fuss about IV therapy?

IV therapy has been available in the UK for over 40 years and we are now seeing a huge increase in awareness of IV therapy. The simple fact is that Intravenous hydration and nutrient therapy have been used in mainstream medicine for almost half a century as it ensures 100% absorption direct into the bloodstream compared to the lesser and more laborious method of absorption via oral intake. If you are unfortunate enough to have any significant medical procedure in hospital the first thing they will do is hook you up to an IV drip as this is the fastest and most effective way of getting the fluid and the drugs to your body to speed up the rate of recovery and getting you back to feeling normal. At REVIV London we are fully aware that the majority of people’s lifestyles are hectic (whether they be working long hours, training hard, travelling frequently, stressed, looking after young children, etc.) and so REVIV London seeks to increase productivity on all counts by increasing hydration, treating any vitamin deficiencies and rejuvenating one’s body back to health. The simple truth is that no matter how hard one strives to be fit and healthy there are very few people out there who are fully hydrated, have no vitamin deficiencies and are at their absolute peak. A REVIV IV therapy and an energy booster shot can really help make a difference in this respect.

In the first year REVIV London carried out over 2,000 IV therapies and we have been lucky enough to have met some fantastic clients many of whom are now our good friends. Dr. Hilary Jones, GP and Health Editor for ITV’s Breakfast television has been a strong advocate for REVIV London and he has supported us since we opened due to our high medical standards, the strong REVIV London team as well as the fact that he visited other well-known medical clinics offering IV drips in London and firmly believes that our products and services are the best. Dr. Jones works long, anti-sociable hours and says that “REVIV’s IV therapies, in particular the Megaboost, give him the energy and the boost to the immune system that he needs to stay fit and healthy”.


Any VIP clients?

REVIV London, with its exclusive Knightsbridge location and private offering, has also provided therapies to a vast range of celebrities many of whom frequent our clinic on a regular basis. Of course we will always protect our client’s confidentiality, however, in some cases individuals are more than happy to reveal their secrets to staying fit and healthy, being energetic and looking great. To name just a few REVIV London has had the pleasure of being supported by and/or treating Sinitta, Anthea Turner, Graeme Souness, Millie Mackintosh, Naughty Boy, Lilly and Boris Becker, Natalie Imbruglia, Nick Grimshaw, Lizzie Cundy, Diplo, Gavin Ramjaun, XFactor, Meg Matthews, Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevigne, members of royalty and many more. But it’s really important to note that each and every one of our clients is treated the same so no matter who you are you will receive the best quality service and therapy. We take great pleasure in receiving clients into our Knightsbridge medispa and ensuring that when they are with us they receive an excellent service and can switch off and recharge their batteries for the duration of their therapies before they go off with a smile on their faces and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them. That is ultimately what makes REVIV London so much fun and so rewarding.

So what are the therapies and what do they cost?

REVIV London offers all of REVIV’s signature IV infusion therapies which are the Hydromax, Ultraviv, Megaboost, Vitaglow and Royal Flush. The costs range from £149 to £349.  We offer package pricing as well. We also offer three energy booster shots, Vitamin B12, Slimboost and Vitaboost which help our London clients optimise vital balance and maximise their efficiency. These range from £29 to £39. REVIV, with its pharmaceutical team and Chief Medical Officer, is constantly working on improving its products so that the client receives the best possible therapy and attains the best results.

What next?

The first year has seen REVIV London make a considerable, positive impact on the IV industry within the UK and we have been lucky enough to have been involved with large events such as XFactor, the MOBO Awards and Tom Dixon. Already in 2016 we have some major, exciting projects planned so stay tuned for further information. Within the first 8 months of opening we won our first prestigious award at The White Party as an honoured Jewel in the Industry by the Safety in Beauty Campaign and hopefully there will be many more to come. So I would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for supporting us and I hope to get to meet many more.

Modern life has never been more stressful or more time-constrained and convenient shortcuts to optimal physical and mental health are on everyone’s agenda especially for high-achieving, creative and ambitious people who like to play hard as well as work hard. REVIV offers perhaps the most glamorous, sophisticated and effective shortcut of them all. At REVIV London our IVs are just the answer you are looking for.  Visit us.

By Sebastian Jones, Director of REVIV London