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Can an IV drip reverse the signs of AGEING? – Express UK

May 09, 2016

IV Drips Used For Ant ageing Effects

IV Drips in the UK and around the world are being used by those looking to turn back the clock.
Initially used primarily for people with Hangovers, IV drips have now been more closely associated for their benefits in cosmetic and beauty applications.

REVIV IVs make you healthy on the inside which in turn makes you feel and look good on the outside. IV therapy has been around for a very long time but is a relatively new phenomenon in the beauty industry. As we age, we get more fatigued and show signs of disturbed sleep which can manifest into dehydration and vitamin depletion.
REVIV via an IV delivers fluids and key vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream which allows the body to absorb the entire content of the IV drip as opposed to only a fraction if someone were taking oral supplementation. In particular REVIV’s Vitaglow drip which contain a high dose of master antioxidant Glutathione is the IV recommended for beauty and anti ageing benefits.

REVIV also offers a Glutathione shot for anyone not interested in an IV infusion. Locations are available throughout the UK and Ireland with flagship stores located in London, Cheshire, and Leeds.

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