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Former Coronation Street actress Faye Brooks pops into REVIV

May 11, 2021

English actress Faye Brookes took to her Instagram page to tell her fans and followers she was having some me-time by popping into her local REVIV clinic for an IV therapy.

Faye had recently taken part in Dancing On Ice, a reality competition where celebrities learn how to ice skate and compete against each other and the training is strenuous.

Faye, 33, told her fans she felt like a ‘super hero’ and was more than happy to talk everyone through her experience in the Manchester clinic, in the UK, writing that she felt she could ‘take on the world’ after her treatment.

Looking stunning in a simple white shirt Faye commented on her choice of the super-popular Immunity Support Bundle, she said: “I’m going to feel back to my normal self. So not only am I going to feel hydrated, but the immunity bundle includes all the nutrients and vitamins I need. Plus, B12 is in there that’s just going to boost my energy levels and make me feel the best version of myself.”

Former Coronation Street actress Faye Brookes popped into her local REVIV clinic (Credit: @faye_brookes)

At the time, the Manchester clinic was offering the Immunity Support Bundle which included a Megaboost with additional vitamin C and glutathione push.

Want to know the benefits? It’s packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, which helps to support your immunity and provides effective hydration.

B vitamins help enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the body, which can improve energy levels.

Vitamin C is found in the immune cells at higher concentrations and is an essential nutrient to mount an immune response.

Master antioxidant glutathione helps preserve cell function by reducing oxidative stress in all cells of the body.

Faye talked her fans and followers through her IV therapy at REVIV (Credit: @faye_brookes)

Faye is an English actress, well-known for her role as Kate Connor in the English ITV soap opera Coronation Street. In 2017, she won Best Newcomer for her role as Kate in the 22nd National Television Awards. And all the hard work paid off as the actress came second on Dancing on Ice.

Click here to watch Faye’s experience at REVIV or go to her Instagram page: @faye_brookes

If you’d like to book a Megaboost IV therapy, click here. To enquire about the Immunity Support Bundle, speak to your local REVIV clinic.

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