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From Happy Hour To IV Therapy In Miami Beach

April 13, 2017

Oh good, another happy hour.  Oh no, another hangover.

Oh good, the writers at Goodtella, a fashionable Food & Lifestyle blog wrote a great article explaining a hangover is basically major dehydration. They hit up the best IV therapy clinics in Miami Beach and REVIV was one of them.

Goodtella not only highlighted our Ultraviv Recovery IV Therapy which is great for hangovers, they also mentioned 3 of our Vitamin Booster Shots; CoQ10+ Power Fitness, Slimboost Metabolic Weight Loss and the ever popular Vitamin B12.

We’ll tell you Goodtella are really good writers, really great people and are offering an amazing discount at REVIV Miami Beach, good through August 31, 2017.

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