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IV Therapy

Intravenous Hydration The Latest Concept For Wellness

October 10, 2014

“Drink 8 cups of water a day.” The saying is commonplace and one reinforced by most health care providers. It is no coincidence that when astronomers look to the skies for signs for life, they search for planets with water. This simple building block made up of one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen, serves as the basis of all life in existence as we know it. The reason for water’s ubiquity is due to it unique physical properties. Water serves as a great buffer, solvent, insulator, and conductor all of which are requirements for life and cellular function.

Eastern and Western Medical philosophy differ in many characteristics, but it is the fundamental principle that separates the two. Western philosophy focuses on diseases process and therapies while the Eastern counterpart focuses on wellness and balance. Hydration and energy are the keys to this balance. The human body is amazing and equipped with unparalleled modalities in healing, self-regeneration, and self-defense from millions of years of evolution. This complex system functions optimally when in balance. Unfortunately, there are various factors that disrupt this delicate equilibrium and is manifested in ways that make us feel fatigued and run down. Back to the introduction of drinking 8 cups of water, seems simple enough. This minimal requirement is often not enough when faced with increased fluid loss; consequently, many people are dehydrated without even knowing it. Simple solution, drink more fluids!!! But this simple solution is not always so easy to achieve with the lifestyles and choices that people make.

The alternative is intravenous or IV hydration. Most health care practitioners are aware that the majority of patients that present to a hospital setting are provided intravenous fluids. Why can’t patients just take in oral fluids? There are many reasons, ranging from lack of desire/inability for oral intake, to decreased absorption. While most healthy individuals do not face obstacles as severe as patients in a hospital, many still suffer varying degrees of symptoms. Once the tubing and fluids are connected, drip by drip, the solution works its magic. Various mixtures can be created to tailor to individual need and can contain IV vitamins, antioxidants and various different other compounds with one common end goal, to flush out toxins, balance electrolytes and hydrate various cells and body organs. Intravenous hydration bypasses the barriers listed above and directly delivers the therapy to its target. Intravenous hydration combined with tailored additives has various applications. It is extremely effective in combating mild viral/cold illness, reducing fatigue and improving mental clarity, enhancing physical performance, augmenting productivity, moisturizing skin and reducing wrinkles from dehydration, limiting the effects of sunburns, and a variety of other conditions that tips the body off balance including the hangovers associated with alcohol consumption. No wonder people feel such a dramatic improvement after intravenous hydration. While the benefits are clear and the procedure extremely safe, there are nonetheless risks involved. It is important to ensure that the therapies are provided and delivered by trained and certified health care workers to reduce the risk of unwanted complications. In summary, hydration is paramount to the optimal functioning of the human body. IV hydration overcomes the various barrier associated with oral intake. The therapy has broad applications and provides quick and effective results. We recommend that all people interested in the service receive the therapy from certified healthcare professional. Feel your best and stay hydrated!

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