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Introducing Emma Sharp, Clinic Manager in the North of REVIV UK

September 10, 2020

Introducing Emma Sharp, Clinic Manager in the North of REVIV UK

Introducing Emma Sharp, Clinic Manager in the North of REVIV UK who worked previously for the National Health Service in the UK.

What was it like working as a practice nurse in the UK?
E: I worked as a practice nurse for the NHS for many years however, it was often frustrating. We’d see patients with long-term conditions come in and as much as I was trying to help them live better lives, unfortunately, the damage was already done. It was just too late to change their lives at this stage. For these patients, we’d focus on health promotion and prevention. Although, all we could offer them was prescriptions to try and avoid exacerbations resulting in hospital admission. It was an upsetting experience, I wanted to do more for them, but it was too late.

Why did you move onto be a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse?
E: This position enabled me to see babies from day fourteen, and I hoped that I could install the importance of prevention in the parents and children. Nevertheless, I discovered the families I was visiting were unlikely to change. They were happy with their lives smoking, drinking, substance misuse, obesity and all I could see was a future for them, ending up with a long-term condition.

Why did you leave the NHS to join REVIV Global?
E: When I found out about REVIV, I was thrilled. At last, a company passionate about health prevention rather than cure. My new career meant I could finally support patients who wanted to protect their health and make a difference in their lives. I love being able to ask patients: “What are your long-term goals?” “What are you aiming to achieve?” REVIV enables individuals to transform their lives to be happier and healthier. Genetics testing, bespoke IVs – these are the tools I can use to finally make a difference.

How do you and your family practice preventative health?
E: REVIV’s Genetic Testing has transformed the lives of myself and my children.
My eight-year-old daughter, Isla, always had a cough after suffering a cold. The GP decided to prescribe inhalers without asking any questions about her diet or lifestyle. However, after having her genetics test with REVIV, we were given the information to modify her diet. She now no longer needs an inhaler.
Lola, my youngest age three suffers from a sore tongue, genetic testing again has provided us with valuable information regarding her diet and foods to avoid. Furthermore, we found out that Lola is genetically programmed to be a ‘fat burner’. She can process fat and proteins but rapidly gains weight from carbohydrates. My Genetics confirmed that I was a ‘fat burner’ too. After having always suffered with my weight, the results were life changing. These tests will have such an incredible impact on Lola’s life; she won’t have to grow up always on a yoyo diet like her Mum.

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