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New Year’s Eve

December 16, 2014

New Year’s Eve. An epic night year in and year out. With an estimated 300,00 people ringing in the new year on the Las Vegas strip, 1 million filling up Times Square in New York City, 100,000 packing prime areas along the Thames River in London and 250,000 expected to enjoy the warmth of Miami Beach for New Year’s Eve, the last night of the year is sure to be one to remember and sure to leave some people with hangovers and feeling their worst come New Year’s Day.

Fortunately, Reviv Flagship locations are available in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, London, Leeds, Manchester / Cheshire, Johannesburg and Express Partner locations in the United Kingdom, Dublin, Netherlands, Santo Domingo, New York City and Ibiza to relieve your hangover symptoms with our hydrating IV infusions.

REVIV offers five different IV Infusions delivering instant hydration and a host of additional wellness benefits. However three of our IV infusions are well suited for relieving that New Year’s Eve hangover.

The largest factor of a hangover is dehydration. Besides restoring your hydration levels, Ultraviv provides pain and nausea relief and an energy booster. Megaboost, our vitamin wellness infusion replenishes essential vitamins and minerals, boosts your immune system, detoxifies your body and cleanses vital organs. Royal Flush is our deluxe infusion combining the recovery benefits of Ultraviv and the wellness benefits of Megaboost.

“REVIV IV Infusions restore hydration instantly and deliver essential wellness agents to get you back to looking and feeling your best quickly”

Now we all know it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s a night of celebration. However, we do not encourage and we certainly do condone excessive drinking. In fact, Reviv adheres to a strict protocol at check in to ensure your safety. If you are deemed to still be inhibriated, we cannot treat you or if you have symptoms of alcohol poisoning we will direct you to the hospital. Caring for your wellness and safety is our first priority.

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