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North Face founder endorses REVIV’s new software HELIIX

December 21, 2020

Hap Klopp, the founder of The North Face, reckons HELIIX, REVIV’s in-house management platform, is essential for all businesses as they try to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

The vaccine has, as yet, only been given to hospital staff and the elderly. While the general public await their inoculation the coronavirus has mutated into various new strains across the world which seems to spread more easily.

Work places all over the world are doing their best to manage the effects on their employees. While some are still working from home there are those that are unable to operate in this way.

To help those companies REVIV have launched their game-changing preventative health and Covid risk management platform, HELIIX.

Hap Klopp, the found of, The North Face

HELIIX offers risk profiling, isolation management, contact tracking, sick pay projections and much more. The in-house management software really does all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Standard functionality is offered free of charge. The professional option is available from as little as $1.79/£1.40 per user per month with no minimum subscription term.

Hap has hailed REVIV’s management software as “revolutionary“.

The businessman has also said: “As someone who’s been in business for a long time, the thing that’s key is having some certainty.

“Uncertainty is the hardest thing to deal with. And COVID is probably the most uncertain thing that’s popping up in quite some time.

“Being able to forecast costs and constantly changing regulations… it’s impossible to keep up with that manually.

“But a tool that can manage employees’ health, tell you when it’s safe to bring people back, and calculate COVID costs – all on a dashboard you can have on your phone? That’s really exciting.”

REVIV also offer vitamin C injections, vitamin drips, Glutathione to support skin health, vaccinations and blood testing.


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