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REVIV celebrates 10 Years of Wellness

July 06, 2022

REVIV opened its first clinic in Miami 10 years ago. It brought nutritional health in the form of IV therapy and vitamin injections to everyone by making it accessible and affordable.

And today there are 96 REVIV clinics in cities across 42 countries – from Mumbai to Milan, Cairo to Cape Town, and Hanoi to Hong Kong.

In the last decade REVIV has evolved and scaled as a global leader in preventative health based on nutrition.

There are 96 REVIV clinics across the world

Through a global network of medical practitioners across the world, REVIV offer treatments personalized on a consumer’s requirements or symptoms.

And it’s the company’s vision to always offer affordable nutrition based treatments aiding people to live better and healthier lives.

The success stories of patients who have received REVIV’s doctor-led nutritional therapy plans are demonstrable and the company’s life science team are engaging in case reports and further clinic research to continue to build the science linking nutrition to positive outcomes.

All the outcomes are collated in the company’s advanced nutrition life science library and build into the unique intellectual property database and proprietary medical algorithms.

REVIV’s first clinic opened in Miami 10 years ago

REVIV strives for medical excellence for its 190,000 customers across the world. The regulatory leader worked with England’s Care Quality Commission (CQC) to award the UK clinics with registration, long before the IV therapy industry became regulated in February 2022.

The CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England making sure health care services provide people with safe and high-quality care.

Over this time REVIV has received a considerable sum of investment funding of which is directed into research and development of the company’s 700 plus members, services and innovations.

In the next decade REVIV will continue to cement it’s position in the precision nutrition market with a 360 approach to personalized health care solutions which will be delivered in the future.

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