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REVIV Med-Spa: feel good, feel beautiful, feel productive! –

April 04, 2016

REVIV IVs For Beauty and Productivity

REVIV is a med spa in South Beach that offers various services that can help you during new years.
Owned and managed by Board certified emergency room physicians, REVIV developed a novel concept in elective hydration through IV theapies for beauty and wellness.

Visit REVIV’s upscale facility across from the Loews and Delano Hotels or call them over to your home, office, or hotel room for an additional travel fee. Dehydration is a leading cause of feeling run down, headaches, and immune system disruption which REVIV’s 5 signature IVs are crafted to relieve.

The IVs contain special blends of vitamins, antioxidants like glutathione, and medications specially designed to bring the human body back to balance.
If you are short on time, REVIV offers B12 shots and other quick injectables like Glutathione, CoQ10, and a Slimboost shot for metabolic enhancement and weight loss.
Other IV services like the Megaboost and Vitaglow aim to help with your skin, hair, and nail appearance. The store is already a favorite among Miami’s professional athletes and celebrities because what South Beach takes out of you REVIV gives back.

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Your safety is our priority. Covid-19 tests now available at select locations. Click here to learn more and schedule an appointment.


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