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REVIV Nairobi Battles Adversity to Celebrate One Year Anniversary

August 02, 2022

REVIV Nairobi has celebrated its first year despite the challenges of opening during a global pandemic. The clinic, which was opened by Aisha Egal, is located on George Padmore Road in the safari capital and just outside of the city is Nairobi National Park.

Offering it’s clients the full range of IV infusions and booster shots Aisha says Vitaglow is without doubt the clinic’s most popular IV. Aisha puts this down to the ladies of Nairobi being conscious of their skin wellness.

“The properties and benefits of glutathione have the potential to be extensive, my clients really understand this and often say it’s aided the difference in their skin. It’s just incredibly popular,” says Aisha.


Medical practitioner Frasiah Mwangi is dedicated to providing a wellness experience

The Megaboost is REVIV Nairobi’s second most popular IV and then the B12 and Slimboost intramuscular injections are what the clinic’s clients are booking the clinic’s services for.

Aisha was passionate about bringing REVIV to Nairobi, she says: “I have always been interested in preventative health and functional medicine. REVIV was perfect as it’s company ethos sits within my interests.”

REVIV Nairobi has celebrated its first year despite the challenges of opening during a global pandemic

But opening any business in a pandemic was never going to be easy and we are pleased to say the Nairobi clinic is riding the wave, Aisha says: “It has been quite challenging but we have some exciting plans up our sleeves to keep spreading the message about elective hydration and supplementation because observing how clients feel after they’ve received an IV or Booster Shot and seeing how it is working on a cellular level is quite fascinating.”

Aisha and her doctor Parminus Kihato Kanyoro and medical practitioner Frasiah Mwangi are determined to provide their clients the very best care, Aisha adds: “Coming to REVIV can be life changing and if we can help people feel and look better using a natural safe method in a doctor-led environment then that’s definitely a catalyst for us wanting to succeed.”

The clinic is open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm. To find out more or to book an appointment call +254 748 272 577 or email

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