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Reviv Priorities

September 18, 2014

REVIV is different than that of our competitors; while most focus on treating hangovers with intravenous hydration, our main focus is on holistic wellness, disease prevention, and health maintenance.

The priority at REVIV is to help our clients look and feel their best by providing the highest quality and clinically proven products and services while adhering to the strictest clinical standards. We have five core distinct infusions and three different booster shots aimed at different target demographics while our competitors employ marketing schemes with an expanded repertoire of products with slight variations making outlandish claims.

Intravenous therapy has been around since the 1800s, but not widely developed until the early/mid 1900s. The purpose is to rapidly deliver nutrients and fluids to the necessary tissues and cells. This same concept is the clinical gold standard utilized in clinical settings today.

Like any other medical procedures these therapies are not without risk. These risks are usually minor and range from local skin irritation, bruising, infections, to more serious conditions such as allergic and vasovagal (passing out) reactions, temperature fluctuations, fluid overloading, electrolyte imbalances to rare air embolisms, from an infusion of air into the vascular system which can result in cardiovascular compromise. When administered by trained professionals these risks are almost completely eliminated.

Since the formation of REVIV there have been many copycats that have entered the market. They are overseen by medical doctors in various fields of medicine who may not have received adequate training and experience with providing wellness hydration. REVIV was founded by physicians that are board certified in Emergency Medicine, the only physicians that routinely administer intravenous fluids and nutrients to patients that present with a variety of different ailments. Through 40 years of combined experience working in Accident and Emergencies and in collaboration with our chief pharmacist with over 30 years experience, we have developed a comprehensive protocol to ensure delivery of our services to the upmost standards. All REVIV staff members are certified medical professionals with the highest skill level. In addition, all of our clinical staff undergo thorough training sessions and are certified by our medical doctors/pharmacist before any client contact. We have developed a comprehensive screening tool and exam that allow us to safely risk stratify our clients for eligibility for service in the spa type setting. We can recognize and know when to refer our clients to higher level of care.

REVIV is the future, providing therapies based on decades of clinical use and commercializing it to fulfill a void in the market place. The various effects of the therapies are not only beneficial to health, but allow our clients to look their best and be more productive. Medical therapies are not without risk and we advise all our clients to seek out providers with the proper credentials.

We have aligned ourselves with various regulatory bodies to ensure the strictest compliance and thus have been fortunate to partner up with well-known organizations such as the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

We are the pioneers and global leader of elective hydration, bringing wellness to people around the world and creating a healthier and more productive society.

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