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REVIV Scottsdale – Phoenix Coming Soon

September 13, 2016

REVIV wellness and IV hydration to quench desert thirst in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

Summer is almost over as Arizonians emerge from their retreat and snowbirds flock to enjoy the magical southwest. City dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts journey to various outdoor festivities that are prevalent in the red desert.

For those not accustomed to the dry weather, dehydration can easily occur, resulting in fatigue and decreased vigor. With events such as the Phoenix Open, Scottsdale Food and Wine Festival, and Major League Baseball spring training, there is simply too much fun to be had.

Come experience our hydration iv, the REVIV Hydromax, a perfect complement to your desert lifestyle. Our signature athletic infusion is specifically designed to hydrate and replenish your electrolytes keeping you energized, healthy and active.

Having experienced much global success delivering IV hydration therapy for wellness, REVIV will soon be offering its signature IV vitamin therapy including B12 IVs and shots, hangover IVs, and Glutathione iv to the Grand Canyon State. We will be offering concierge service so that you can enjoy the services in the comfort of your own house or hotel.

Don’t miss out on the excitement. Stay safe, stay hydrated: Replenish, Rehydrate, REVIV.

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