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REVIV – South Africa’s first wellness ‘Drip Bar’ – My Jozi

December 21, 2015

South Africa’s First Wellness Drip Bar

REVIV, the global leader and standard in IV hydration has opened the first IV Drip bar in Africa in Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Square.

Intravenous therapy is a growing trend that has become recently popular amongst celebrities like Simon Cowell, Rihanna, and Madonna.

An IV drip is a simple procedure that involves receiving essential fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the blood system via an IV needle. IV hydration provides the fastest and most effective way of delivering balance and hydration to the body. The process is pain free and typically lasts about 30 minutes while sitting in the comfort of REVIV’s medspa. Additionally, REVIV offers clients B12, Slimboost, Glutathione, and CoQ10+ injections. In a short time, Glutathione shots and the Vitaglow high dose Glutathione IVs have become the most popular therapies at REVIV South Africa. Megaboost Vitamin infusions and Ultraviv Recovery infusions are also big hits at the Sandton clinic.

REVIV plan to open additional locations in Cape Town and Durban soon.

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