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REVIV UK are supporting The Common Oars

February 24, 2017

REVIV UK are supporting The Common Oars.

In May 2017, four friends are attempting to row unaided around Great Britain….

Sometimes you hear about a challenge that calls to your inner adventurous spirit. A challenge that plays with your mind and makes you think you could also do it one day and fulfill that lifetime ambition you’ve held on to for so long. Then there is this. A challenge where most of us would quite happily say no thank you. Not a chance.


REVIV are immensely proud to be able to sponsor the Common Oars, a group of four friends who are attempting to row unaided around Great Britain and break the world record in the process whilst raising money for a great charity.

To put it in perspective, more people have been to the moon than successfully completed the 2,000 plus mile journey unaided in some of the most turbulent and unpredictable waters, anywhere in the world.

Leo, Luke, Oli and Dan leave Tower Bridge in London on the 27th May 2017 and hope to return less than 26 days 9 hours 9 minutes and 4 seconds later to break the world record.

The row will be completely unaided which means the team will carry everything they possibly need such as food and medical supplies from the very beginning right up until they cross the finish line back at Tower Bridge.

Any physical contact with land or another vessel would result in the row being classed as aided and as a consequence the world record cannot be broken.

The team will be rowing non-stop to ensure the boat is always moving. They will be rowing in a two hours on, two hour off shift pattern 24 hours a day. And yes, for those wondering, they only have one bucket between four of them to use as a toilet.

Here at REVIV we will be following their progress very closely but please take a moment to check out the Common Oars website where you will gain a much better sense of this extraordinary feat of endurance, courage and generosity towards the NuVasive Spine Foundation (NSF), an incredible charity aimed at helping patients with spinal problems in developing countries. You will be able to sponsor the team from within the website knowing you are directly helping NSF who rely solely on charitable donations to carry out their amazing work.

REVIV are aware that many of our clients worldwide are keen on health and fitness and they will be able to appreciate the extraordinary effort this challenge will take so on behalf of everyone here at REVIV and our clients we wish the Common Oars every success and safe passage.

We will be back with an update from the team to let you know how it went as they might also be a little dehydrated after nearly a month at sea.

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