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REVIV’s health passport hits Las Vegas news

March 31, 2021

Today Las Vegas news outlet the Review Journal reported to the local community that HELIIX Health Passport was in town and ready to help open up conventions again.

With the city just starting to open up again resorts are looking for solutions to open up their spaces in a COVID secure way.

REVIV Operations Director, Julia Miles told the Review Journal: “The critical piece to bring business back to Vegas is to ensure that the large resorts can offer some level of COVID security to give visitors peace of mind

“(The resorts have) seen visitor numbers drop so substantially they need to get people back to Las Vegas, back into their hotel rooms and more importantly into conventions.”

Attendees just need to show their HELIIX Health Passport with a negative test result to gain entry (Credit: REVIV)

Much has been made about vaccination passports being the key to letting you have the same freedoms as you had before the pandemic but not everyone has received theirs yet and some do not wish to be receive it.

As the HELIIX Health Passport relies only on a negative rapid antigen test it bridges the gap perfectly.

Julia added: “We’re focusing, for conventions and for resorts initially, around the test data because at this moment it’s still a huge program to complete, the vaccination rollout.

“We’re not hearing venues saying that they’ll be looking for vaccinations only. Personally, I don’t think that will happen just because it would be too discriminatory around people who genuinely can’t have the vaccine for whatever reason.”


REVIV want to help Las Vegas open up again safely and securely

And the ground-breaking piece of tech which uses VCode technology, that is supported by end-to-end encryption making it incredibly secure, couldn’t be easier to use for both the venue and the attendee.

The public will be asked to download the app and before heading off to their bar, conference or live event they will get themselves a rapid antigen test for COVID. Their results will be uploaded to their HELIIX Health Pass and when they arrive at their chosen venue they can be scanned in by staff.

REVIV are the only company in the world offering a full 360 service from testing to technology. Testing can be carried in our clinics but also see to the venue’s testing needs on site. To complete the comprehensive approach REVIV also offer HELIIX, an in-house management system, so companies are able to manage COVID in the workplace.

For further information about HELIIX Health Passport email Chief Commercial Officer Richard Sikkel on


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