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REVIV’s Wellness Takeover is Now in Canada -Yahoo Style

October 24, 2016

REVIV Wellness takes over Canada

REVIV, a global IV drip company has opened in Toronto.

The company was founded over four years ago by a group of ER physicians. The first location was in Miami and there are other locations in the United States in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and another 38 locations outside the United States and Canada. REVIV has done over 60000 IV infusions and the new Toronto location has already performed over 250 therapies.

The foundations of these IV therapies are based on the Myers Cocktail an IV Vitamin infusion created in the 1970’s at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The Megaboost vitamin IV therapy is an enhanced Myers Cocktail aimed to boost the immune system, raise energy levels, minimize fatigue and pain, increase alertness, fix hangovers, and much more.


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