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South Beach Med Spa Offers Post Party IV Cure: “Best Thing You Can Possibly Get For a Hangover” –

March 21, 2016

REVIV IV Infusions Now Available On South Beach

REVIV offers a variety of IV packages; their aim is to restore your body back to balance from whatever threw it off. IV infusions happen to have many different applications to getting people back to balance and feeling healthy.

One of the most popular IVs is the Ultraviv which is used by persons that are feeling ill and hungover. Created by ER physicians, this is the same IV cocktail that someone would receive in the hospital.

After a quick medical screening, relax in the group area or one of the private rooms and enjoy the experience which only takes about 30 minutes. The electrolyte solution helps also flush your body out and filter toxins from your body. Additionally the various antioxidants and vitamins help distress the body and medications are also offered for acid reflux, headache, and fatigue. Whatever throws your body off, REVIV is there to help you get back to balance.

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