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Wellness Blogger Samantha Cutler Visits REVIV New York City

April 16, 2017

Wellness & Lifestyle blogger Samantha E Cutler enjoyed a “pretty cool experience” getting her first Slimboost and Glutathione vitamin & nutrient booster shots at REVIV New York City.

Some excerpts from her article:

Slimboost is a metabolic weight loss booster shot. The shot is a combo of B12, B Complex vitamins and Amino Acids. The benefits include general detoxification of the body, increase in red blood cell production (one of my love affairs with b12), regulation of your sleep, mood and appetite (again our lovely friend b12), immune system boost, and speeds up your metabolism for natural weight loss.

Doesn’t this shot sound amazing!?


Glutathione is an antioxidant shot that is a major immune booster and detoxifier of the body. It’s benefits include decreased inflammation, prevents and reverses cell damage, has tons of anti- aging benefits and just cleans you out. Picture it this way, your skin sucks and your liver is a little rough from your red wine weekend… this is the shot for you.


The shots are quick and worth it! Benefits hit you quickly, energy boosts and detox shows quick….and last up to a week! You can go back as often as you wish. Fun right?

Samantha thought our REVIV New York City staff was “wicked cool”. Well we thought she was even more wicked cool and we loved reading her wellness blog article. We hope to see her every time she comes back to New York City.

Read the full blog post on Silver Lining By S

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