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Why IV Spas Are the Next Big Beauty Frontier –

February 15, 2016

Global Company Specializes In IV Therapy

Medical spas offering IV infusions are becoming popular all over the country for persons looking to add to their beauty and wellness routines. REVIV, a company with locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York offers five vitamin and nutrient intravenous (IV) therapies and four booster shots.

Some of their services were created to help ill persons feel better but the majority of their menu aims to serve those looking for beauty, wellness, and detoxification. Their signature Megaboost IV is an enhanced Myers Cocktail that that helps boost your immune system and decrease fatigue. Hydromax serves athletes and people suffering from dehydration and muscle cramps. Their Vitaglow IV is a high dose glutathione IV primarily used for people aiming to improve their skin elasticity and appearance in addition to helping fight off free radicals in the body. REVIV also offers a variety of injections like B12 for red blood cell production, mood, and appetite, Slimboost to increase your bodies ability to burn fat, CoQ10+ for energy and heart function, and glutathione. These were typically therapies that were only available at a hospital and now REVIV offers them to the public in their pleasant and upscale medical spas. Many celebrities and wellness seekers are starting to take notice this is the future of wellness routines.

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