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Become the Best
Version of You

Live your life beyond limits with the help of wellness and recovery therapies that are tailored to your needs. Our signature IV therapies and vitamin injections will help you feel energized, invigorated, stimulated and refreshed.

Lead a healthy, balanced and enriched lifestyle with the help of our specially formulated injections and IV therapies. From minerals and antioxidants to vitamins and nutrients, our therapies are packed full of the things your body needs to feel REVIV'd.

IV Therapies

Start your journey to better wellness today with REVIV. Our IV therapies have been developed by a team of clinical professionals to deliver the vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants that your body needs. Unlike traditional oral supplements, IV therapies are fast acting, have a 100% absorption rate and provide effects that leave you feeling revitalized.


Hydration IV Therapy

Restore your hydration fast with the help of Hydromax

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Recovery IV Therapy

Recover and regain your wellness with the help of Ultraviv

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Wellness IV Therapy

Boost your immune system with our signature Myers' Cocktail

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Anti-Oxidant IV Therapy

Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with Vitaglow

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Royal Flush

Deluxe IV Therapy

Replenish and rejuvenate your body with the Royal Flush

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Over 80

locations in 30 countries


therapies carried out globally


trained medical staff

Vitamin Injections

Enjoy a lifestyle without limits. Our vitamin injections are quick and deliver lasting effects. Whether you just need a general pick-me-up, are looking to boost your energy levels, or want help losing weight, our vitamin injections provide a slow long lasting release of the vitamins and minerals you need for a lifestyle with no boundaries.

Vitamin B12

Pure Energy

Give your body a pure natural energy boost

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Weight Loss

Boost your metabolism and reach your weight loss goals

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Glutathione helps boost wellness and fight effects of aging

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Power Fitness

Give your fitness a boost with CoQ10+

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Wellness starts within by understanding yourself. Only by defining your own goals can you start to excel. Unlock the molecular secrets of your DNA and realize your full potential through customized therapies recommended by our team of scientists.

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