Past, Present and Future


REVIV began in 2011 when four emergency room physicians with a combined 40 years of clinical experience came together with a common thought to bring IV therapies to a private spa like setting, making them easily accessible and affordable to the mass population.


Our founding physicians have a deep understanding of the use and safety of IV therapies and supplementation more than any other specialty in medicine as they apply these therapies daily in the ER setting.

Feeling that many people with many different wellness needs could greatly benefit from IV hydration therapies and supplementation without having to go to the extreme of visiting the emergency room, a year later REVIV founded the first ever elective IV hydration only medical spa in the world in Miami Beach, Florida.

Since then, tens of thousands of happy customers have since been thankful they had a choice to receive a higher level of care than buying over the counter medication and supplements or without needing to go to a doctors office or hospital.  Our concept was so well embraced in Miami Beach that we expanded our locations and now have a global footprint expanding our presence around the world.

In establishing our concept to bring IV therapies to the masses, we also set forth our founding principles to be the best in the emerging industry by being the leader in research and development of IV infusion ingredient mixtures and by having the best trained certified medical staff.

Our First Location

South Beach Miami was chosen as the first location for REVIV mainly due to Miami being one of the most humid cities in the United States coupled with a population spending a majority of their time outdoors engaged in active lifestyles. We also chose Miami as the city is a forward thinking one that embraces the latest in Wellness offerings.  We are proud to have been providing world class IV hydration and Vitamin & Nutrient Booster Shot services to Miami’s locals and visitors for over four years now.


Our Growth

After the concept was well received and embraced by locals and tourists alike in Miami, Las Vegas became the next logical city to introduce REVIV.  Apart from the extreme heat of the desert, Las Vegas visitors push themselves to the limit and can and have greatly benefited from having the first and only IV drip spa on the strip located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The overwhelmingly positive reaction from REVIV Las Vegas lead to opening REVIV locations in the worlds financial capitals of New York and London where people also push themselves to the work hard play hard extreme. From there, we realized that people with different wellness needs around the world could and should benefit from our services.

We’ve become the global leader of Wellness IV Infusions & Booster Shots and continue to expand worldwide with new Flagship locations and Express Partners by the day.


Our Future

Continuing to expand our global footprint is only one part of our future. We invest heavily in the research & development of our products, refining every detail in our product cycle to bring you the best IV Infusion therapies and Vitamin & Nutrient Booster Shots.  We are constantly improving our client amenities to make sure your REVIV experience is memorable.  And we continue to train our certified medical staff on product knowledge, delivery techniques and an emphasis on client care. The future of wellness has arrived.