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Anti-oxidants…Calling on CoEnzyme Q10, Glutathione

November 19, 2015

Red wine, tomatoes, fish oil… are all food products touted to be high on anti-oxidants and recommended for healthy living. But what exactly is an anti-oxidant and why is it good for the body?

To understand anti-oxidants, one must first delve deeper into molecular biochemistry and more specifically the role free radicals. Imagine living tissue as a well-organized metropolis that is bustling with activity, the free radicals would be the equivalent of natural disasters that come in, wreck havoc, and disrupt this delicate harmony. Inevitably after the damage is done, emergency services and cleaning crew arrive, life moves on and the mending process ensues. The same thing happens in the tissues, free radicals cause injury and the body repairs them in a continuous waltz. However, when this delicate equilibrium is disrupted by repeated cycles of exhaustive repair or if the body is overwhelmed with additional stressors, the cumulative damage could be so great that it results in premature aging or death.

This is where the anti-oxidants come in to play. These are the analogous superheroes of our fabled metropolis that defuse and prevent the destruction from the elements of life. But unlike the laser beams and fancy gadgets carried by our imaginative saviors, anti-oxidants do so by binding to and chemically neutralizing reactive elements on toxic compounds. The role of intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) Glutathione as master anti-oxidant has been previously discussed. This article will focus on another key compound, CoEnzyme Q, and specifically the Q10 variant.

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 also referred to as Ubiquitin, occurs as the name suggests, ubiquitously, and the 10 refers to the structural length of a variable part of the molecule. As water is the primary building block of life, to generate structure, every component in every cell in the body is organized into things that either mix or don’t mix with water. Ubiquitin is a fat-soluble compound that resides in membranes that separate the different structures within the cellular sub-compartments, effectively acting as a gate-keeper. The primary role for CoQ10 is generation of energy, which occurs primarily in the mitochondrias or the factory powerhouses of the cells. The exact anti-oxidant mechanism is unclear, but being fat soluble, it can help neutralize radicals that attack the lipid structures. Conversely, Glutathione, being water soluble, can detoxify stressors that float around the aqueous parts of the cells, effectively serving as dynamic duo neutralizing radical agents that occurs in the 2 separate media of the body.

Due to it prevalence and mechanism of action, CoQ10 has been extensively studied and is thought to be involved in various physiological process. Diminished levels have been correlated with pathological states and aging tissue. CoQ10 is thought to play a role in improving cardiovascular health, decreasing fatigue and enhancing physical performance, alleviating symptoms from debilitating neurologic diseases, diminishing skin wrinkles and having rejuvenating effects, and even augmenting fertility. Studies have found supplementation to be safe with minimal to no side effects.

Supplementation of CoQ10 has been directly correlated with increased levels in the body, and as with most supplements, they can be administered orally, intramuscularly, and topically. The differences between these modalities have been previously discussed and most bioavailable and systemic with prolonged effects when administered IM.

The human body is an evolutionary masterpiece designed to tackle and withstand the stressors of life. Thankful to the anti-oxidants in our body we are able to sustain the insults generated from a fast-paced modern lifestyle. Repeated cycles of tedious maintenance ultimately results in diminished capacity and thought to be the cause of some diseases and the aging process. Supplementation of anti-oxidants is generally supported by most health experts and has various purported health benefits. At REVIV our CoQ10+ is a proprietary blend of ubiquitin fortified with high dose B and C vitamins designed specifically to help boost energy and promote healthy living. REVIV Wellness is a novel lifestyle, providing people with simple and efficacious therapies of nutrients and hydration in a luxurious setting to help with health maintenance and to boost productivity. We offer therapies and wellness therapies in cities such as Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, London, Manchester, and Leeds. Our IV drips and IM shots have been utilized by tens of thousands with overwhelming satisfaction. We are the future of wellness! Replenishing, Rehydrating, and Reviving the world.

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