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“As I approached 40 I didn’t expect to be riddled with pain due to ME/CFS”

November 08, 2021

Melanie York*, 40, Manchester, UK

“Following several years of deteriorating health and endless tests, in September 2020 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS . Unfortunately, Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome¬†is an illness that can be massively disruptive, debilitating and life changing for many that have it, yet it is unknown exactly what causes it and, worse still, how to cure it.

“Recovery rates are low and the treatment options through the NHS in the UK consist of occupational health support alongside medications to manage symptoms.

“As a mother-of-two with a growing career and approaching the big 4-0 I really didn’t expect to be housebound (and some days bed-ridden), riddled with pain, suffering from exhaustion and a constellation of other miserable symptoms.

“I felt let down by the lack of treatment options on the NHS and the pessimistic prognosis for recovery. So, I began to research what I could do to help myself, in any small way, to bring about recovery.

“I wasn’t able to have injections through my GP”

“After joining a number of online ME/CFS communities, I quickly became aware that B12 injections was a hot topic and many people with ME, both with and without a diagnosed B12 deficiency, were having very positive outcomes from regular B12 injections.

“My serum B12 levels fall within the normal lab ranges used by the NHS so I wasn’t able to have injections through my GP. That’s when I discovered REVIV.

“My experience with REVIV has been massively positive. I’ve had regular B12 injections at both their Manchester and Knutsford settings over the last five months and gradually my energy levels have begun to improve.

“Gradually my energy levels have begun to improve”

“The team at REVIV are always warm and welcoming, and I always feel every visit that whoever is doing my injection takes the time to talk things over with me, find out how I’m getting on and offer advice about what else I could try to help my recovery. The injection itself takes less than a minute, but I’m never rushed and the experience is always that I’ve been well cared for.

“My experience has been that having injections close together, at least once a week, has had the biggest impact on symptom improvement. When I try to space them out to monthly, I have a dip in my energy, so I still have a way to go with finding a manageable plan moving forward, but knowing the B12 injections give me that boost to help me keep up with my children and carry on working is a lifeline. There are also other REVIV boosters and therapies I want to try when the time is right, so I’m just at the start of my journey.”

Condition: Chronic fatigue syndrome

Treatment: B12 injection

*While Melanie was happy to share her story in her own words she wanted to keep her identity private for personal reasons.

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