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REVIV Genetics Opportunities

REVIV operates a global network of 3rd party Agents to act as approved resellers for REVIV Genetics. The types of businesses/partners that we work with are Aesthetic and Beauty Clinics, Gyms and Fitness Studios, Nutritionists, Medical Offices and Professionals.

About REVIV Genetics

Our analyses are the most comprehensive Genetics analyses commercially available. We run full gene sequencing at at ISO 15189 accredited laboratory and all analyses are carried out by fully credentialed scientists.

Join our network

Adding REVIV Genetics to your existing portfolio of products and services provides a unique opportunity to increase customer loyalty and enhance the outcomes/results achieved through your existing services whilst creating a supplemental income stream. Join our network today to help your customers unlock the molecular secrets of their DNA code and realize their full potential!

About REVIV Genetics

If you are interested in joining our network or would like to learn more about the partnership opportunities for becoming a REVIV Genetics Agent please email for more information. Alternatively, fill in your details below and a member of our Genetics team will get in touch.

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