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Get your vitamin fix with an IV infusion – am New York

April 11, 2016

REVIV Medspa Opens in Manhattan

Miami and Las Vegas company REVIV has opened its newest location in New York City.
Centrally located in the Flatiron district between Union Square and Madison Square Park, REVIV now offers its renown IV hydration infusions and booster shots. They also offer concierge service and will go to your apartment, office, or hotel room for an additional travel fee.

REVIV offers five different IVs containing vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, medications, and more for anyone looking to feel and look better while improving their overall health and wellness.
Additionally, REVIV’s booster shots are popular for New Yorkers on the go who live stressful lives; These booster shots include B12, Glutathione, Slimboost, and CoQ10+. Created and managed by a group of emergency room physicians, REVIV’s medical staff uses the same level of care and safety as you would find in a hospital.

Whether feeling ill to the stomach or hungover or want to simply boost your immune system and energy levels, REVIV has an IV for you.

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