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“I might’ve saved myself from horrific side effects”

December 20, 2021

Claire Sofield, 38, Lancashire, UK

“In my twenties I suffered a few undiagnosed conditions that were always linked back to stress and in my thirties, I decided to go through IVF on my own so I could have my daughter, who is now two-years-old.

“This made me take a step back and really think about my own health as being a sole parent I couldn’t contemplate anything happening to me as both of my own parents had died young – my dad at 47 and mum at 67.


“Having my daughter really made me think about my own health”

“I run my own recruitment business and it can be stressful so I started to take better care of myself and when I began working with Sarah Lomas, the CEO and President of REVIV last year, I talked about my desire to do everything I could to extend my life expectancy. Sarah offered for me to have my genetics tested so that I could not only understand the company’s services and offerings but for my own peace of mind.

“Never did I realise quite how impactful it was going to be.

“Around this same time, which was during the UK’s second lockdown, like many people, my mental health was affected.

“I wasn’t keen on the idea of anti-depressants but I had tried everything to lift myself out of it.

“I was prescribed two different medications by my GP but their side effects were horrific. I was two weeks into a third, which was much better, when I had my consultation with Dr Michael Barnish for the results of my genetic testing. Within the results you can see which prescription drugs you are and aren’t compatible with.

“My results showed negatively towards the first two drugs I was prescribed. I was blown away. I might have been able to avoid trialling things that weren’t going to work for me.

“I invested in personalized supplements”

“Having my genetic information, I feel, is a game-changer, working with my doctor to understand any potential disease risks and how I might be able mitigate with lifestyle interventions, has given me the peace of mind I was looking for.

“Learning about the vitamins and minerals my body needs so that I can be the best version of myself was so interesting and Dr Barnish does such a good job of explaining it in layman’s terms. As a busy mum running my own business I invested in personalized supplements, this way I know my body is getting what it needs.

“Also, discovering foods my body is and isn’t compatible with was eye opening, I plan to start factoring more of the results into my daily diet.

“I feel this is something a lot of people might find really useful.”

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