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Interview with Max Johnson

August 20, 2020

Max Johnson

Why did you decide to join REVIV?

M: I’ve known REVIV since 2015 when they came to Hong Kong. I was living a work hard, play hard lifestyle, and I could feel my body reaching its limits. I tried a treatment in London and instantly felt the benefits. Since then, my life moved into health and wellness. I started a boutique fitness club, and for me, preventative health is the next biggest thing. With COVID dominating our lives, we all need to take better care of ourselves earlier, before our problems even start. I can see REVIV, with its global network, loyal customer base, exceptional levels of hygiene, deep understanding of our bodies’ DNA, taking all of our preventative health to levels we’d never imagine possible. To be part of this journey is an honour.

How to do you think the Global pandemic has changed people’s perspective on health?

M: We always hear on the news, “COVID 19 most affects those with underlying health conditions”. For a lot of people, they don’t even know what conditions they might have. This pandemic has propelled us to all ask questions about ourselves. Who am I really? What is my DNA, and what am I susceptible to? We spend so much money on gym memberships but how about starting with our DNA? Through our DNA, we realise we are all different and unique. We are all living our own DNA-tailored lifestyle; knowing our DNA can be the difference between living and dying. I think we are all aware that life is only temporary and it’s in our hands to take more control and make it last longer!

What do you think the future holds for REVIV?

M: A lot. It won’t be easy, but there is a huge opportunity to capture a massively growing market. The deeper REVIV can go into the treatment methods, the more we can differentiate from other companies. I want people to see REVIV as a long term part of a healthy lifestyle, just like taking a vitamin supplement in the morning. In the short term, REVIV has an amazing Return With REVIV back-to-work strategy to get people tested, back to work and COVID free.

How do you personally practice preventative health?

M: I stick to my macros and exercise weekly. Then I try to avoid too much alcohol. And of course, I go for my regular Megaboosts and Vitamin shots. The REVIV DNA screening showed up quite a lot of things I didn’t know about foods that I shouldn’t eat, so I avoid those. Oh, and I try to meditate whenever I can, just to reduce stress levels.

What is your favourite REVIV therapy?

M: The Megaboost – every time

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