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IV Therapy Hits the headlines!

April 27, 2022

“Trendy IV Vitamin Infusions don’t work – and might be unsafe” is a headline we read recently and on reading the piece we at REVIV were disappointed to see that it wasn’t balanced – meaning they didn’t cover both sides of the story.

Here, we’d like to readdress the balance on this headline.

Firstly, it is frightening and worrying to read ‘(IV Therapy) might be unsafe’. The big word in this sentence is might, yes, they might be unsafe but in the hands of a registered medical practitioner “IV therapy is extremely safe”.

REVIV’s founder and Chief Medical Officer Johnny Parvani, who completed his training in emergency critical care medicine at University of Florida, founded REVIV while working as a board-certified Emergency Physician, explains more…

“Modern day IV therapy has been around for over a century and is used due to its unparalleled efficacy in hydrating and delivering nutrition and medications into the body.

“When properly administered to healthy subjects by trained clinical professionals, IV therapy is extremely safe.

“All medical procedures do contain risks, benefits, and alternatives and prescriptive nutrition eligibility criteria can vary on circumstances.

“People with certain medical conditions such as heart or kidney problems may experience complications with IV therapy. Other subjects may benefit but would require additional monitoring.

“As such it is paramount to work with licensed medical professionals that are experienced in the field and understand the scope, limitation, and setting where IV therapy is delivered.”

REVIV conduct a consultation on every patient each time they arrive in clinic, included in this they will have their blood pressure taken to make sure they are fit enough to receive an IV.

Let’s now address the first part of the headline “Trendy Vitamin Infusions Don’t Work” and “they aren’t worth the hype”

Johnny says: “Intravenous therapy is the clinical gold standard in fluid and nutritional replacement in certain scenarios due to its unparalleled efficacy. Therefore, when addressing the ‘hype’ this is a consumer’s expectations from information or disinformation surrounding the use of IV therapy.

“Proper hydration and nutrition are essential for healthy living therefore, prescriptive hydration and nutrition could have a fundamental role in healthcare.


“And there is still quite a lot of debate and misconception from medical practitioners on how these services could complement healthcare.

“With advances in genomics and technology we now have the capability to treat patients to a precision never before imaginable. We no longer have to rely on prior assumptions and base treatment on studies from average population outcomes.

“Every individual is unique and we can now afford to make prevention and treatment recommendation based on an individualized basis and elective IV therapy could have a significant role in the holistic care ecosystem.”

For more information about IV therapy and it’s potential benefits you can contact your nearest REVIV clinic where a doctor or medical practitioner is waiting to answer your questions.

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