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IV Therapy

IV Vitamin Drips And Booster Shots In The Corporate World

August 04, 2015

The corporate world has evolved significantly over the past two decades with increased globalization and interconnectivity. It is not uncommon for business travelers to fly through multiple cities for day-to-day operations or corporate development. The combination of long hours, time zone changes, and dehydration can take a significant toll on the human body resulting in suboptimal productivity.

Fortunately there is a quick fix with the growth of the intravenous (IV) vitamin spas in global corporate hubs such as New York City, London, Johannesburg, Miami, Manchester, and Los Angeles. IV vitamins and hydration help combat the causes of many of the elements that result in underperformance.

It is a well-known fact that dehydration itself from long travels especially in pressurized environments such as encountered on airplanes can result in fatigue. Oral hydration is simply inferior compared to the direct intravenous introduction of fluids. In many cases just the hydration itself help boost energy levels.

Jet lag is a frequent occurrence in people traveling between time zones and happens in part due to the combination of disruption to the circadian rhythm (internal biological clock) and dehydration. There have been many studies demonstrating the efficacy of vitamin B12 shots and other vitamin injections in the alleviation of sleep-wake disturbances. The combination of IV vitamins and B12 injections can tremendously benefit business travelers by minimizing the fatigue that results from jet lag.

Suboptimal nutrition is also a common phenomenon encountered in the corporate world as a result of busy work schedule, low-quality caloric intake and commonly associated with alcohol consumption. Companies in corporate hubs such as London, Los Angeles, Miami, Johannesburg, NYC now offer IV vitamin drips to combat hangovers, dehydration and low quality nutrition. The end result is improved wellness and hydration and enhanced productivity.

B12 injections and IVs have been increasingly popular with the explosion of IV hydration medspas. The combination of intramuscular (IM) vitamin and B12 shots and IV vitamins can increase the longevity of the energy boosting effects of the therapies. Ophthotech, a biotech company based in New York City recently started offering its employees B12 shots as well as IV vitamins to help boost wellness and health.

As more and more companies start to realize the health benefits of these vitamin injections and IV vitamin drips it is likely that these services will become part of their corporate wellness benefits package to keep their workforce healthy and productive.

Reviv is a company specializing in wellness. We offer IV vitamin drips, B12 and Glutathione shots, in New York City, London, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Johannesburg in addition to 20 additional locations globally. We have been fortunate enough to partner with companies focused on their employee wellness programs such as the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, Ophthotech in New York City and LNR in Miami in offering Reviv therapies. Our goal is to help people remain healthy and well in this day in age where time is of the essence, creating a more productive society.

Your safety is our priority. Covid-19 tests now available at select locations. Click here to learn more and schedule an appointment.


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