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Just how medically trained is your medical practitioner at REVIV?

May 26, 2022

Have you ever been curious how medically qualified the medical practitioners are at REVIV? Luke Mills, who is the London clinic manager, talks us through his CV…

“I read biomedical science at the University of London as I’d always had a keen interest in human biology.

“After months of deliberation, I decided a lab-based career wasn’t for me and applied to be a Theatre Healthcare Assistant in our local private hospital.

“I started just two weeks after submitting my application and I can’t quite explain what it’s like to be catapulted from ‘normality’ to an operating theatre.

“The first operation I witnessed was a knee arthroscopy, where you place a camera and tools into the knee to diagnose/treat issues with the knee joint. It can be really noisy at times especially during orthopaedic operations where drills, saws and hammers are used.

“I spent two years studying to become an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP). ODPs are registered healthcare practitioners that are responsible for the care of a patient in all theatre settings.

“I have been the London manager for just over three years.”

“After qualifying, I worked within the private hospital for about two years. It was a great safe space to perfect my practice, working mainly on plastic surgery, orthopaedic and general surgery, whilst rotating through all three theatre specialities, anaesthetics, scrub and PACU.

“It was a great environment to start my career but it soon became monotonous. I left the private sector and went back to the NHS, where I had spent a year during university.

“I needed more of a challenge and on joining the NHS I asked to work in emergency theatre.

“Working in the NHS has its own unique challenges. I’ve witnessed the amazing kindness of other humans, but also the darker side – stabbings, shootings, the aftermath of gang fights and cases of neglect.

“A patient who I remember clearly had gone into anaphylactic shock and her heart stopped, we performed CPR for around 50 minutes before getting her heart going again.

“I’ve also been in theatre where a teenager had been stabbed and they were bleeding heavily, the surgeon was trying to stop the bleed while I was squeezing blood bags to get replacement blood in as quickly as possible.

“I spent two years studying to become an Operating Department Practitioner.”

“Literally anything can come through the door at any minute and you have to be prepared 24/7 for what might present itself next.

“Sadly, I also learnt that a lot of the illness that people suffer, could be prevented or the effects lessened, had interventions been in place earlier in an individual’s life.

“Perhaps through better nutritional education, guidance and support in the case of bariatric patients, genetic screening for some individuals suffering from cancers or inflammatory bowel conditions.

“Traditionally, medicine tends to be reactive instead of pro-active and I decided to see if I could utilise my skillset in a different area and that’s when I found REVIV.

“I began working for REVIV five years ago as a part of the causal worker team, working around two shifts a week in between by NHS hours.

“Using my medical knowledge I was able to help advise people on an IV therapy or booster shot, for example B12, that would benefit them dependent on their symptoms or goals.

“It’s an honour to be part of a company with such aspirational visions.”

“I then left the NHS because I was burnt out after working 80 hour weeks and began working as a Sales Manager for an orthopaedic implant manufacturer.

“I enjoyed the new challenge and I was excelling but then REVIV advertised for a clinic manager of their new London flagship on Great Portland street.

“I’d always enjoyed working for the company, the ethos and what they were aiming to achieve in the preventative healthcare with targeted personal nutrition.

“I also really missed my patient contact so I applied and was successful!

“Since then I’ve had the pleasure of helping to grow the business in London, in collaboration with the wider team and work with some amazing medical practitioners from all areas of medicine.

“It’s an honour to be part of a CQC registered company with such aspirational visions and with an ethos that I believe in time will contribute to the betterment of healthcare in the 21st century.”

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