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Las Vegas: Have a hangover? MGM ‘medspa’ promises relief –

January 30, 2016

Vegas IV and Vitamin Booster Spa Open

REVIV has opened a 1300 square foot medical spa in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. They have also hired model Jessa Hinton as their brand ambassador and face for future brand advertising.

REVIV offers five IV therapies and 4 vitamin booster shots. Although known for treating and fixing hangovers in Las Vegas, REVIV is a company whose majority of clients come in for wellness benefits. Their IVs and inter muscular (IM) shots contain various supplements like B12, vitamin C, Glutathione, NAC, CoQ10, and many others for people looking to improve their appearance and performance and health. Their locations come equipped with full body massage chairs and group rooms that are perfect for bachelor, bachelorette, and wedding parties.

Other REVIV med spas are also located in Miami’s South Beach, New York, Los Angeles, London, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, and many more locations around the world.

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