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Booster Shots

New York City & London. Cities That Never Sleep

November 14, 2014

REVIV welcomes our latest locations in New York City and London. Having enjoyed much success at our spas in Miami and Las Vegas, and after performing over ten thousand therapies with almost unanimous positive feedback and never-ending demand, REVIV is expanding its services around the globe. REVIV is bringing wellness to the cities that never sleep; London and New York City. In an environment where time literally is money, we offer our clients an alternative way to remain healthy and productive. The twin cities of London and New York City, separated by the Atlantic and connected by over 20 flights daily with thousands of business and leisure travelers going back and forth can now enjoy the same great REVIV flagship services of Intravenous (IV) Hydration and Energy Wellness Booster Shots to help people look and feel their best.

In this fast paced environment, people are frequently sleep deprived, over worked, jet lagged, dehydrated, hungover, and constantly exposed to the surrounding elements of airborne illnesses. In no other place in the world is time more of the essence than in London and New York. People simply cannot afford to succumb to these external factors and risk diminished productivity. Fortunately REVIV provides the answer by offering hydration, vitamins, antioxidants in our HYDROMAX, ULTRAVIV, MEGABOOST and ROYAL FLUSH intravenous therapies and our B12, SLIMBOOST and GLUTATHIONE booster shots also help people optimize vital balance and maximize efficiency. Now that truly is the future of wellness.

We also offer rejuvenation services such as our anti-oxidant infusion VITAGLOW packed with anti-oxidants. The stresses and elements of life and dehydration can result in toxin and free radical generation which can cause tissue damage and result in skin wrinkles and other unsightly appearances. VITAGLOW, infused with Glutathione, the mother of all anti-oxidants helps reduce this damage; preventing and reversing the toxic effects, allowing you to glow from the inside and out.

“In no other places in the world is time more of the essence than in London and New York City”

London and New York City marathons are huge venues that attract athletes and spectators from all over the world. Where competition is fierce and winning is everything, REVIV offers athletes from all fields a chance to stay healthy and boost their performance by balancing electrolytes, maximizing muscle activity and helping flush out toxin and acid build from strenuous activity.

Appearance is paramount in the cities of fashion and REVIV provides a variety of booster shots to help promote wellbeing. In particular Slimboost offers supplemental natural vitamins, including B12 and amino acids to augment metabolism and aid in weight loss, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and looking your best.

As we continue to focus on wellness and safety, we have one goal in mind, customer satisfaction. In London and New York City where you can get almost anything delivered to your door-step, Reviv has matched these expectations by offering IV vitamins, hydration, anti-oxidants, and booster shots via exclusive concierge services so that you may enjoy our therapies in the privacy and comfort of your own setting. We also offer in spa services at our London flagship location with anticipated physical location for New York later in 2015.

Next time you find yourself in the financial capitals of the world, don’t forget time is money. No matter what disrupts your balance, Reviv offers you the opportunity to stay healthy in this fast paced environment. We are the vanguards in the wellness industry paving the road to a brighter and more productive future. Replenish, Rehydrate, Reviv!

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