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Start your nutritional journey today and immerse yourself into a healthier lifestyle with a revolutionary package personalized to you.
Start your own health revolution! REVIV’s unique wellness package MyCore will not only tell you what genetically you should or shouldn’t eat but will give you personalized guidance on how to interpret your unique results and make the changes that will truly change your life.
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Weight Gain Factors
Daily MicroNutrient Requirements
Food Intolerances
Megaboost® Wellness IV
Bi-annual Doctor-led Consultations
Personalized Meal Plan

My Core


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In a world full of fake news, we’re constantly shown what we should and shouldn’t put into our bodies.
The MyCore package includes a comprehensive analysis of your nutrition and weight genetics, examining how your genetics affect the way your body absorbs, converts and utilizes certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc) as well as food ingredients and uncovers your genetic weight factors.
In your bi-annual doctor-led consultations, you can track your nutritional progress, discover & discuss what changes you have made and how it has positively impacted your day-to-day life. You will receive a MyCore meal plan created and developed by one of our leading nutritionists, designed specifically around your DNA results. Our Megaboost® IV will bring you into a healthy balance, detoxifying your body whilst also strengthening your immune system.

Discover now what is best for you and start your personal nutritional journey today.


Understanding your nutritional genes is key, foods that are healthy for one person could be detrimental for another.