Sports & Nutrition

Reach your peak by understanding your body’s response to exercise and the optimum fuel and rest your body needs to maximize performance.

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Muscle structure
Oxygen absorption
Genetic talent
Recovery planning
Performance nutrition plan

Sports & Nutrition


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Our Sports & Nutrition analysis explores your genetic variations for athletic performance and talent, allowing you to determine the best way to reach your optimal abilities.

We assess the genes for the different types of muscle fibres and determine whether you have a genetic disposition leaning towards strength and power activities or endurance-focused activities.

Additionally this analysis looks at how the body reacts to inflammation and injury, helping determine the best ways to heal and recover following heavy training or injury and determine whether the body is adequate at detoxifying following training sessions.

We combine this analysis with assessment of specific nutrition genes and from this information we can determine the best performance enhancing foods for an individual with over 1000 foods assessed.


If you’re serious about improving your sports performance you need this test in your life! We combine this analysis with assessment of specific nutrition genes.