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REVIV Grand Opening In Summerlin, Las Vegas

September 15, 2020

REVIV Summerlin

Health and wellness has always been a top priority for REVIV. We’re thrilled to expand even further into Las Vegas local communities. With 3 Las Vegas locations at the MGM Grand, Venetian, and Cosmopolitan hotels, REVIV Summerlin is the perfect place for Las Vegas locals that don’t want to venture into the Strip.
CEO, Johnny Parvani, explains, “We have identified a growing demand from Las Vegas locals for therapies that counter stress, fatigue, dehydration, jet lag and hangovers, as well as demand for therapies that have slimming aids and rejuvenating benefits. We feel privileged to have brought IV Therapy to Las Vegas 8 years ago and have created a welcoming and fun environment in Summerlin to provide a fantastic experience for our customers.”

REVIV at ALIGNOLOGY is a perfect oasis to escape and take a moment to relax refresh and rejuvenate with us. Opening September 17th, our Summerlin location is at 9525 Hillwood Drive, right off the Summerlin Parkway.

REVIV’s IV therapies are designed to help boost wellness and fight the signs of aging. Whether you are just in need of an energy boost or enhancing your wellness and preventative health needs, our IV hydration therapy can help. REVIV signature IV drips are administered by certified Doctors and nurses and usually take between 30-45 minutes to complete.

Our vitamin injections like B12, Vitamin C, Glutathione and CoQ10+ offer the perfect solution for those seeking an almost immediate boost of energy. Quick and easy to administer, experience benefits that last up to a week. A great complement to our IV therapies to help you get the max from your daily routine or enjoy time off without downtime.

REVIV’s signature IV Therapies and Vitamin Booster injections are administered by certified Doctors and nurses. Even bundle them with ALIGNOLOGY’s services like massage therapy, chiropractic’s, acupuncture, infrared sauna, and more!

Stop by on September 17th because we’re giving away free goodies and services to the first 50 Summerlin visitors that join our REVIV digital community. Plus, enter a raffle to win one of 3 REVIV Experience bags, which included a signature REVIV therapy or treatment valued at over $279 with any qualifying purchase.
To book an appointment and enter the REVIV Experience raffle, visit website REVIV Summerlin or call 702-844-0829.

Live your life without limits and enjoy all that REVIV Summerlin has to offer with our range of beauty, wellness and recovery IV therapies and vitamin injections.

Follow us @revivusa for the latest updates and promotions, as we prepare to be your new neighbors at REVIV Summerlin.
You can also enjoy REVIV around the globe including London, Johannesburg, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Miami locations.

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