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Reviv IV Infusions At Tom Dixon’s Multiplex London

September 22, 2015

Designer Tom Dixon has opened Multiplex, a unique, design event in London at The Old Selfridge Hotel, just off Oxford Street, in a 20,000 square-foot building where innovative brands will be displaying, promoting and selling their respective products.


REVIV London has been invited to be a brand partner at London’s first pop-up department store where it will be showcasing its IV Vitamin Drip, B12 shots, Slimboost, and other IV hydration wellness therapies aimed to combat fatigue, weightloss, jetlag, immunity boost, hydration, detoxification, anti aging and general wellness to the masses in the Beauty department at Multiplex.


Multiplex is part of the London Design Festival, is now open till 15 October (inclusive) and is a “must-see” event, not to be missed. During this period REVIV London will be supporting Fashion Week, Design Week, BFI London Film Festival and the Frieze Art Festival.

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