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REVIV Visits Casper Corporate Headquarters

October 26, 2016

On September 22nd 2016, REVIV, a global wellness company specializing in IV therapy and vitamin booster shots visited the Casper Corporate headquarters located in Venice Beach at 1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Casper is a luxury mattress and bedding company that has become world renown and used by many celebrities because of the superior quality of their mattresses, sheets, and pillows. As in most successful and innovative corporate offices, employees can use any added edge possible to increase energy and productivity and cope with stress. REVIV nurses arrived with their full arsenal of IV s and vitamin booster shots to help achieve these goals.

Right off the bat, a large cluster of fatigued employees opted to learn about and try the B12 and CoQ10 shots for sustained energy without the crashing effect of caffeine and other popular energy drinks. One employee with a head cold opted for the Ultraviv Recovery IV and felt instantly “Reviv’d” within the hour. Others were mostly interested in learning the Vitaglow, the glutathione IV, and Megaboost, the Vitamin IV drip similar to a Myers Cocktail. Overall the event was very entertaining and helpful for everyone at Casper.

REVIV nurses travel to many offices around the country as part of the corporate program promoting employee wellness, productivity, and happiness. For more information on joining the REVIV corporate program email

For anyone that missed the event and is curious to learn the benefits of vitamin booster shots; REVIV Los Angeles is Located a short distance away in Beverly Hills at 9735 Wilshire Blvd Suite 204. Appointments are available online at or by calling (310)988-8766.

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