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REVIV Wellness Spa Launches in South Africa – Mzansi Life & Style

December 14, 2015

REVIV IV Wellness Launches In South Africa

REVIV, a company specializing in IV hydration drips and energy vitamin booster shots just opened its newest location in South Africa. The med spa is located in Johannesburg’s Sandton located within famed Nelson Mandela Square.

REVIV offers five signature IV infusions. Benefits to these intravenous therapies include restoring a balanced hydration level to the body, replenishment of essential and key vitamins and minerals including Vitamins B and C, immune system boos and support, detoxification of the body, and cleansing of vital organs. Additionally REVIV provides four booster shots; B12 for lasting energy, Slimboost for weightloss and metabolic support, Glutathione for general wellness and detoxification, and CoQ10+ for athletic energy and heart function.

REVIV Johannesburg is a flagship med spa providing REVIV’s signature comfort and amenities. Other locations in South Africa are also set to open later this year in Durban and Cape Town.

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