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REVIV’s Sarah Lomas chats to Fox News about Health Passport

April 08, 2021

Within 48 hours of arriving in Las Vegas REVIV President and CEO Sarah Lomas hit the airwaves on Fox News to chat live to Neil Cavuto about the HELIIX Health Passport.

Appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Monday, Sarah explained how simple but effective the software is to use, how it could be used to open up mass events like conventions, live music and events once again.

The app offers the solution for bridging the gap for those who either haven’t yet had a vaccine, cannot have it or have decided that they do not want it.

REVIV President and CEO Sarah Lomas appeared live on Your World with Neil Cavuto (Credit: Fox News)

Sarah told Neil: “For individuals to arrive into the city of Las Vegas, and if we imagine a show, you want to go into that show knowing the people in there are either vaccinated or are Covid negative. REVIV is a medical company first and and foremost so we will test the individual, upload the test results to HELIIX and deliver the passport technology to let people entry the event. It really is that simple.”

Sarah, who is a business owner in the city, owning three clinics, one in The Cosmopolitan, The Venetian and MGM, and she has a vested interest to bring the solution to help get the economy moving again.

Sarah added: “Las Vegas is fighting and fighting back hard for the opening of mass events and shows and conventions that’s why I am here this week to deploy HELIIX to allow those conventions to open safely. And to avoid all the discussions around vaccination and discriminating against someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated.”

Sarah explained how the HELIIX Health Passport worked (Credit: Fox News)

Neil went on to question Sarah stating that the software wasn’t about vaccination it just whether you have Covid or not.

And he’s right, it is as simple as that.

REVIV’s clinics in The Cosmopolitan and The Venetian offer PCR testing for our customers fit-to-fly needs, alongside our traditional services like IV therapy and booster shots of vitamin C, vitamin B12 and glutathione.

It’s advised that testing is done to check potential deficiency levels of key vitamins by a doctor or a medical professional within the clinic.







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