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Your Top 10 IV Drip Questions

January 26, 2023

IV drip therapy can be daunting if you’re new to it and there will be things you’d like to know before having a treatment.

In our REVIV clinics across the globe we are asked the same things universally, so here we take a look at answering our top 10 most asked questions to either help you to decide on taking the plunge with your first ever IV drip therapy or understanding what is best for you and your wellness goals.

1 “What ingredients are used in the IV?” 

REVIV’s IV drip therapies contain a variety of different vitamins and minerals aimed towards providing your body with the nutrients it may require to maximize wellness. Each treatment can work differently depending on what they contain and what you want to achieve.

At the base of each IV drip therapy is saline, the fluid in which our ingredients are added. Consisting of essential electrolytes to regulate water and blood volume around the body, receiving a saline drip can help to restore hydration and electrolyte balance.

We use a range of essential nutrients that work together to provide a range of potential wellness benefits. Some of our most popular nutrients include:

  • Glutathione – often described at the master antioxidant could decrease cellular ageing and inflammation, and this might promote brighter skin, hair and nails as well as good overall cell health.
  • Vitamin B12 – once activated within the body, vitamin B12 could support energy levels and nerve cell health.
  • Vitamin C – functions include promoting the production of collagen and protecting immune cells from the toxins they release.

Delivered in a range of synergistic combinations, such as the vitamin B and C blend within the Megaboost, these nutrients aim to carry out their important functions within the body to leave you support and promote your wellness.

As well as IV drip therapies, we offer a range of intramuscular booster shots, delivering chosen ingredients directly into the muscle in a quicker time than IV drip therapy. These shots usually contain less of the nutrient due to their smaller size, but still could provide the same potential wellness benefits.

You can find out more here about REVIV’s IV drip therapies and IM booster shots.


REVIV’s IV drip therapies contain a variety of different vitamins and minerals

2 “Do I need a blood test?”

The majority of our treatments are absolutely fine to receive without a blood test. This is because vitamins like vitamin B and C are water-soluble, meaning your body can flush out any excess safely after your body has absorbed what it needs.

Currently the only treatment you do need a blood test for is vitamin D. It’s important that we are careful as it is lipid-soluble, which means it can be stored in the body’s fatty tissues. A high dose of lipid-soluble vitamins can lead to toxicity, and so a blood test that’s been done within a fortnight or you receiving this booster shot.

But don’t worry, REVIV carry out a medical consultation with everyone before every treatment which gives us a good overview of your current health status and how our services may benefit you.

 3 “How often can I have a treatment?” 

There is no hard and fast rule – for one person a monthly treatment may be all that’s required, for another once a week could be the recommendation. The frequency you can have a either an IV or an IM booster shot may depend on existing medical conditions, current presentation, as well as a your aims and objectives. This will be discussed with you during consultation. We would not administer more than three IV infusions in a 72-hour period, and a maximum of two liters of fluid can be administered within 24 hours.

Recovery IV drips (Ultraviv, Ultraviv Pro and Royal Flush) contain active medication and therefore are recommended only in the treatment of minor illnesses. Their administration will be subject to the decision of the prescribing practitioner in clinic on the day of your treatment following a consultation. Recovery infusions can only be administered a maximum of three times in one month.

IM injections are best given to you as either a stand-alone treatment or used to compliment an IV. It would be best to discuss a treatment plan for long-term use with your practitioner during consultation to guarantee maximum benefit from the treatment.


There is no hard and fast rule on how often you can get a treatment

4 “Which therapy should I have?”

From how you’re feeling – whether that’s lacking in energy, trouble sleeping, wanting to promote glowing hair and skin or if you’re pushing your body to train to achieve a personal goal, you will have an idea of what you might want to achieve from having one of our treatments. If you don’t then that’s fine too as we can offer you some guidance on what might be best for you.

Treatments can be discussed through your consultation during your first appointment, and they will then be confirmed by a prescribing practitioner to assess the suitability of the treatment for your personal goals.

 5 “Can I add extras to my IV drip therapy?”

You may wish to include some add-ons, or further ingredients, to one of your chosen IV drip therapies, for example some extra vitamin C for added support of your immune system. Or maybe a glutathione push for additional antioxidant supplementation.

 6 “Does it hurt?”

As a needle will be inserted into your body for both IM and IV treatments, you may feel a small pinprick sensation initially.

Our practitioners are all highly skilled in delivering injections and inserting cannulas, and they will put your mind at ease prior to any treatment being given. We are also able to offer ethyl chloride freeze spray to numb the skin before treatment.

For any IV infusions, once your cannula is inserted, you should feel no pain at all once the infusion is commenced.


Our practitioners are all highly skilled in delivering injections and inserting cannulas

7 “How long after my therapy will I start to feel the effects?”

Every person has a unique genetic make-up, and how their body will take on the infusion. This means that it may change from person to person on how quickly and for how long the effects of your treatment may act.

As a rule of thumb, the more deficient you are in a certain vitamin, the greater the initial effect may be. This does not mean your IV won’t be beneficial should you not feel any immediate effect, the treatment can still be using the vitamins and minerals to optimize wellness on a cellular level.

 8 “What is glutathione?”

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in the body and it is made up of three components – glycine, glutamine and cysteine.

The role of glutathione in the body is to combat and detoxify roaming molecules called free radicals, which can build up when the body is put under stress for example when you exercise, through illness or toxins such as alcohol.

Glutathione production may decrease with age or existing health conditions, and so REVIV provide supplemental glutathione via an IV cannula which aims to provide your body with the powerful antioxidant power to support the removal of damaging free radicals at cellular level.

To maximize the amount of glutathione you can have in one go you can add what is called a push to your IV drip therapy. Once you’ve been attached to your IV one of our practitioners will give you further dose through the IV line directly into your vein.

The wellness benefits of glutathione could include decreased cellular ageing and inflammation from the depletion of free-radical molecules. This reduction in ageing and inflammation may lead to a brighter complexion as well as stronger hair and nails.

Glutathione may also promote overall good cellular health due to the possible removal of toxic compounds such as hydrogen peroxide.


REVIV can come to you with our concierge service

9 “I can’t make it to the clinic, can you come to me?”

Yes, we can. REVIV offer a concierge service where our clinic staff can visit you in the location you desire. Fancy an IV in the office? Or do you need one of our Recovery IVs at home for a cold? No problem, contact your local REVIV clinic when you are ready to book, and our friendly team will try to secure a suitable appointment for you.

Please be aware, there is an additional charge for our concierge services due to clinic staff having to attend. This can be discussed upon booking as location prices may vary.

10 “What is NAD+?”

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, also known as NAD or NAD+ in its oxidized form, is a naturally occurring cofactor found in every cell within the body. Research has revealed that NAD is required to convert food into chemical energy and assist supports the production of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. It also may aid detoxification and support DNA repair, making its role paramount to overall cellular health.

As we age, our NAD levels naturally decline, so supplementation of NAD can achieve optimum levels within the body to seek the full benefits. REVIV offer NAD+ as an IV drip therapy in US clinics currently but could soon be available in your local REVIV. Delivering 250mg of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream, this IV drip therapy can be administered up to three times a week.


We hope you enjoyed reading our most asked questions, and feel like you are now a REVIV pro.

REVIV are a global leader in preventative health solutions, delivering scientifically formulated IV drip therapies and Booster Shots to maximize wellness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any questions that we haven’t answered? Our friendly administration or clinical teams are available to contact via telephone or email. Find your local clinics details on our website.

Follow the link to find your local REVIV clinic and get booked in today!

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